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My Journey to Wellness

I never had a bad self-image. I would get ready in the morning, look in that mirror and say girl you are looking damn good. And I meant it! I love who I am and at that moment I was Fat. Still happy! Still loveable! Still a great wife! Still the most awesome Mom but still fat...

Many years ago, when I was a stay at home Mom, I would see afternoon talk show headlines tagging; Why are you Fat? You are Fat for a reason. I remember thinking to myself, why am I fat? I kept looking for a reason! I would always get stuck and would just keep doing what I was doing, which was developing a serious weight problem that would eventually start to affect my health and scare me into reality.

“The weight wears on you. You get tired, discouraged, and then a friend stepped in... ”

I sat down with my dear friend and we talked very candidly about my weight, options, health, and in that conversation, I made a commitment to myself and I have never looked back! It has not been easy but Oh Yes, it has been worth it.

Bariatric Surgery

In July of 2017, I had bariatric surgery. It was hard, many things about it are too much to even process but once I made myself that promise I have never looked back. The bariatric route is NOT easy! It is still hard, but it is a great tool for you to use in your fight for your health, which is what I did. At my heaviest I weighed over 300 pounds. I have to date lost over 165 pounds! You must put in the work no matter which route you choose on your weight loss journey. Nothing is going to be easy. No pill or magic potion is going to fix it. YOU must fix it!

I do not obsess over my weight now either. I just have a strong awareness of what my body needs to be strong and healthy.

My personal health routine that I live by is:

  • 90 grams of protein everyday

  • Drink the water (½ your body weight) My physician did advise that this can be other non-carbonated fluids.

  • Take a high-quality Multivitamin.

  • Exercise 30 minutes, Everyday! I just make sure I move my body, somehow, someway! I like it to be more fun than walking around a track.

  • Sleep is so important. I use my Fitbit app to track my sleep and enjoy the health information my Fitbit provides me. I need at least 7 hours of rest.

I recently started with a personal trainer and I am excited to learn more about strength, nutrition, and fitness.

I tell you all of this to encourage you to be brave and really examine why you are eating. I was stressed, sad, overwhelmed, and exhausted. I see that looking back but at the time I never really made that connection.

I am still figuring it out! I am learning and I am focused on my health and wellness.

Get focused and Live Intentional

About the Author

Lisa Linebaugh is a retired wife, mom and grandma chasing her next adventure with her husband, Richard, while cruising through the United States in their RV. Lisa documents all of her and Richards travels and adventures mostly for her grandchildren, but also for other RV enthusiasts. She loves to share the best products and services to make your RV life thrive!

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