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Below I have compiled some of my favorite things and from time to time I will add a product or servoce that I have found I can't live with out- an RVer's essential! Sometimes, it's just a really great deal that I want to share with others or links to other RV communities or resources. Sometimes you can find similar links to RV essentials or discounts within my blog articles too! I hope you find these resources helpful. Cheers!

This members-only program is a MUST for RVers! For only $99/year, members can visit and stay overnight at any of our 2831+ stunning locations without any camping fees! Why? Because our members support the wonderful Hosts they visit by purchasing local wines and products, all while making lasting memories.

Wineries, breweries and agri-tourism sites include:
historic open-air museums, aviation museums, alpaca ranches, wildlife rescue facilities, farm museums, oil museums, brewery museum, dinosaur museum and an alligator ranch-- to name a few!

**You must have a self-contained RV with a toilet, water tank and inside cooking facilities.  No tents of any kind are allowed**

RV winery.jpg

Oh my goodness, I love this app. Richard and I could NOT live without our Wizard! RV Trip Planning has never been easier. We save time, can plan safe RV routes, and find the greatest campgrounds!

Y'all there are so many features on this thing, it's incredible! There are over 20,000 campgrounds and over 57,000 points of interest. The Wizard even helps you to estimate the cost of your trip (Richard loves that!) and you can set your driving distances and times, so that the Wizard can let you know if you've over-stretched your self! LOL- it happens, trust me!

Boondockers Welcome is a Harvest Host company and affiliate. We love and use them too!

Similarly to Harvest Hosts, they offer over 2952+ host locations worldwide. Locals invite travelers to spend the night, share their stories, and save their money for the real adventure.

This one is only a $50 yearly membership and you get a FREE welcome gift at sign-up! In order to stay with our Hosts on their private property, you need to have a self contained RV that can dry camp for the duration of the stay.

Picnic in Nature
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