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Life of Liberty

Liberty was seized by the City of Abilene, Texas on February 6, 2018. The little bit we know is not pleasant. Liberty and her brother were both short chained to a tree for the first two years of their lives. Liberty weighed 30.8 pounds. The owners were arrested and prosecuted.

With the nest empty, I had been keeping my eye out for a companion dog just for me and ran across a Facebook post with pictures of Liberty. The post said that today was her last day. I called Richard and he did not even resist or hesitate. He drove 45 miles to Abilene and on my lunch hour we adopted Liberty! So on, April 4, 2018 Liberty became a Linebaugh!

When we first made the decision to start our RV Living Adventure Liberty, was our first consideration.

After rescuing her from a shelter and caring for her recovery from abuse, we have bonded. At the time we adopted Liberty I was going through mid-life and this dog truly rescued me so when making big life decisions like full time travel we really wanted it to be her reward for being a survivor and for being the best companion dog we could have ever hoped for.

It did not take much research to agree that not only would Liberty be happy, but she would thrive in this environment.

We first made sure that her travel days were as comfortable as we could make them. Richard ordered the ibuddy system for our backseat, which we have loved. This product helps keep her a little steadier as she rides down the road.

The entire backseat is hers. She has her full dog bed, her water bowl and food bowl, and any squeakers for bones to help her pass the time. We try to always make sure to stop in areas where we can walk her as we take breaks for ourselves.

When we arrive in a RV park, we keep Liberty in the truck so that we can get set up without being distracted. As soon as I come into open slides, Liberty comes with me. We slide out the slides and complete the inside setup. As soon as Richard is finished with the outside set up our first thing is to take Liberty on a nice long walk.

Running Free

“We have been blessed recently with campgrounds that have wide open fields that Liberty can run free in.”

She loves this but also does extremely well on her leash. She has a habit of trying to make Richard walk a little faster than he would like. The bad part is that Richard walks fast, like a forced march in the Marine Corp. With that, Liberty is pulling him, it is almost a run. Richard does not let her make those kinds of decisions, so we just remind her of who she is and she settles right down, most of the time.

I use for many of our Liberty needs. They ship fast and we can stay consistent with brands. Here are some links to Liberty’s favorite products.

Liberty's Freedom & Comfort

We rarely leave Liberty alone in the RV. Most of the time she goes everywhere we go. With her backseat travel set up she is just as comfortable in the truck as anywhere. If it is too hot or too cold, we have the ability to leave the air conditioning or heater on in the truck for her and we have no problem sacrificing gas mileage numbers for Liberty’s freedom and comfort.

There have been times where we felt it was better for her to stay at the RV. We rarely do this because she hates being left for any amount of time! She doesn’t want to miss a moment but if we must leave her we have __________________ to help us monitor her by camera and also measure the temperature inside the RV. This is very comforting and not to mention safe for Liberty.

There for it all

“As we take this amazing adventure together, Liberty is there for it all. We spoil her rotten and we love it.”

Now, we have taught her how to behave and how to act and she is expected to be an extremely sweet and calm girl. This does not always happen, but she is quite easy to be around. I will be tagging Liberty’s post on our IG account, her hashtag is #lifeofliberty.

About the Author

Lisa Linebaugh is a retired wife, mom and grandma chasing her next adventure with her husband, Richard, while cruising through the United States in their RV. Lisa documents all of her and Richards travels and adventures mostly for her grandchildren, but also for other RV enthusiasts. She loves to share the best products and services to make your RV life thrive!

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