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Pura Vida: Beautiful Life

When we first set off on our big adventure, we were all over the place. We did not really set off in a direct path...

We had a few things that were a 'must stop' for each of us. We would stay up late, sleep late, ate whatever meal we felt like. It was fun, kind of like being a rebellious teenager! We were just going where we wanted to go, doing what we wanted along the way and having the time of our lives.

“We now have settled in and try to have something that feels like a healthy routine..”

It can be easy to feel like you are on one giant vacation and everything can wait till we return, except that will not happen because, this is our life! We are not too extreme, if we are up between 6-8 am we feel like we are winning!

Reaching Fitness Goals

I have started working out with a trainer and would really like to be doing better than I am. It has been difficult only because I have a few terrible habits. Like putting things off, skipping meals, and focusing on things that do not help me reach my fitness goals. I have struggled to get a set time each day for my workout, so this is one of the things that I am trying to focus on personally.

Richard brought his bike this year, so he is enjoying being back out on the road. It is different than riding in your own area vs. riding somewhere new on a regular basis. About the time he learns the road, traffic, etc. we will be back on the road heading to our next road to ride. So, he has focused on the highlight of exploring the area we are in from the seat of his bike. We really enjoy drinking our coffee, reading the news of the day, and planning our day together. Liberty, our awesome pup, is never far away. She really is part of who we are as a family.

After breakfast we like to take a morning walk. The mornings and evenings are perfect for outdoor activities. We enjoy hiking and exploring, and this is something that is incredibly good for Liberty. Imagine the smells she is sniffing!

During the heat of the day we try to take care of all our business items and catch up on emails, etc. Liberty has the couch all to herself and will stretch out for a rest while we are working. After work we set off on another adventure, lunch, dinner, laundry, swim, hot tub, hike, and walking.

Adventure days are unlike any other! We select our destination and that is really all our day is about is exploring wherever we are. For example, tomorrow afternoon we are scheduled to have paddle boarding lessons and a day on the lake. I learned along time ago that instead of trying to control every moment of the day with ridiculous expectation, we would rather just let the day unfold. We pack our food, drinks, and any other necessities and we just see where the day takes us. These are some of the most beautiful days.

“Our evenings are the same as when we were in the sticks and bricks. The fun part is that every morning you must ask yourself “Where am I?” and you cannot resist the temptation of peeking out the window just to see. I am always in awe of the beauty just outside our doorstep. ”

Travel days are not my favorite! I have a little extra anxiety pulling my house down the highway and then praying all day that I can keep it together until we get parked. It is a stress I have never experienced before, and I am developing ways for me to be a little better at. Liberty loves her hikes and loves the water. She has an unheard-of amount of energy that we work awfully hard to provide outlets for her. She plays chase with us and is great at fetch. There is never a dull moment. We feel like Liberty is so active and healthy and we feel blessed to show her the world.

One dog day after the other!

About the Author

Lisa Linebaugh is a retired wife, mom and grandma chasing her next adventure with her husband, Richard, while cruising through the United States in their RV. Lisa documents all of her and Richards travels and adventures mostly for her grandchildren, but also for other RV enthusiasts. She loves to share the best products and services to make your RV life thrive!

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