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Semper Fidelis

In life we meet people that are just passing through our lives and then there are people you meet that bonds you to them as close as family.

My husband and his friend Ken had an experience that changed them both. Ken is my husband’s Marine Corp buddy with quite a story that I am honored to get to tell you about. Richard and Ken are both United States Marines, they were both stationed together on the USS Midway homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. They were best of friends right from the beginning.

“ Some departures happen gradually and sometimes suddenly. Either way, we are never quite prepared.”

One night, years ago, as Richard and Ken were wrapping up a night out, Ken stepped away; before they headed back to the ship and he never returned. Trouble had found him. My husband never saw or heard from his friend again. He was gone. They were told he is gone. This was all before the internet, cell phones, and technology. All my husband knew was his name and hometown. He always hoped and prayed that their paths would cross again. Their bond, so strong it will stand the test of time.

Another evening, years later, Richard and I sat discussing his Marine Corp days, Richard reminded me of how he would really like to find him and make sure he is okay.

He shared some of their hilarious stories and I started looking around on Facebook and within an hour I had found his girlfriend. I sent her a message to clarify that I had the correct people and I did! Can you believe it? After 33 years we were talking to Ken! Both Richard and Ken were in shock. We passed texts, emails, and pictures for days and weeks.

As Richard and I planned our first trip as Full Time RV’ers, Ken’s house was at the very top of our list. We pretty much went straight to his house. We had a fun filled three-day reunion with Ken and his family.

It was like a lifetime had stood still and they picked right back up where they had left off. It was so beautiful to watch. We had such an amazing visit that we started planning a family vacation for all of us to go on together.

No matter what life looks like today. There is always hope in your future.

Sometimes life puts you up against giants and if only for a time, we are lost. Ken spent a lifetime of being lost. After many attempts he had success in an incredibly special program. This program saved his life and gave him a future he could have never dreamed of. During his greatest challenge he started the most beautiful love story with his beautiful Britney. I had the honor of spending time with Britney on our visit and she is just a glowing inspiration. She has a peaceful, loving, calm about her that is so warm. Together they are creating the life they love.

Ken had spent 33 years thinking no one even remembered him. Richard never forgot about him and neither did the rest of the guys on the ship. They all have their own Facebook group, and everyone was honored and thankful to see Ken again. They will forever be Brothers.

About the Author

Lisa Linebaugh is a retired wife, mom and grandma chasing her next adventure with her husband, Richard, while cruising through the United States in their RV. Lisa documents all of her and Richards travels and adventures mostly for her grandchildren, but also for other RV enthusiasts. She loves to share the best products and services to make your RV life thrive!

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